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Hey there! I’m Charles Kiser, a minister with Storyline Christian Community in Dallas, Texas. You can learn more about me here.

My aim in writing is to inspire, nurture and equip everyday disciples in our community and beyond to connect to God, engage deeply in Christian community, and participate in God’s mission to bless the world.

About the title of the blog: storyline is a word for plot. It refers to the way a story moves, the direction it’s headed. All of our lives move along a storyline. Our storylines intersect with other people’s storylines.

What if there was one storyline that overarched every single human’s personal storyline? What if there was one grand narrative that all of us were part of?

That’s exactly what we believe is going on in the world: God is weaving a storyline together out of all of our stories. And it’s up to us to choose whether or not our personal storylines intersect and merge with God’s.

Thanks for joining me on this blog as I explore everyday discipleship and the innumerable ways our stories intersect with God’s.