New Partners in Mission

Charles Kiser —  January 10, 2012 — 2 Comments

Storyline commissioned three Partners in Mission this weekend at our Community Gathering.

Partners in Mission are those who want to make Storyline “their church” by aligning themselves with Storyline’s values (dependence on God; mission; life change; genuine relationships) and practices (mission; confession; devotion; community; generosity).

Partners in Mission prepare for partnership through Storyline DNA (orientation to Storyline) and Lifestyle DNA (a six-week course to equip partners in Storyline’s lifestyle.

What a great way to start the new year!

What does partnership with your community of faith look like?

Charles Kiser


I’m a pastor, missionary, and contextual theologian in Dallas, Texas. I’m committed to equipping and coaching Christians to start fresh expressions of Christian community in Dallas County — communities of hospitality, inclusion, justice, and healing.

2 responses to New Partners in Mission


    Appreciated your article on the “Church sermon being over rated” It is so refreshing, and inspiring to hear of a minister ‘thinking out of the box’ regarding what laypeople see as the preacher’s primary gift. You are so right, so right. It is very obvious that the Sunday sermon has minimal effects on people. Christianity is a relationship; and that can’t happen for one hour on Sunday. In fact the Sunday sermon may be a detriment, if it’s accepted by the listener as ‘doing our duty’ or taking our spiritual medicine, or whatever it may be to replace a searching for the living, merciful God. The pastor can’t do this for us; our relationship with God can only come as we humbly seek Him with all our heart. Thank you for such an important issue that is seldom addressed.

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