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Easter Pics

Charles Kiser —  April 16, 2009 — 3 Comments

Despite the rain and overcast skies, we had a great day on Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus was raised from the dead, and that changes everything.

Enjoy a few pictures from our moved-from-the-park-to-the-apartment-community Easter picnic.






Kickin’ It

Charles Kiser —  August 31, 2008 — 4 Comments
Just thought I’d entertain you this week with a few pictures from our recent kickball event at Cole Park. We had several new friends join us — four of whom, in fact, have just moved to the United States from Spain and have taken jobs teaching Spanish in the Dallas Independent School District. Their English was impeccable and they were excellent kickball players. I think their skills at futbol (soccer) gave them an edge on us.

The Kiser boot. Observe the straight body lines, eye contact, and skill at kicking while holding drink in hand. Superb form. It was probably a foul.

Ryan Porche looking far into outer space after kicking the ball — because that is usually where his ball went. The man was usually at home plate before the ball even hit the ground.

Someone named Claudia decided to engage in waterwars with another someone named Charles. Charles had the last word in the group picture, however, unbeknownst to Claudia.